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Herston Halt


Catch the Swanage Railway train from here to Swanage or Harmans Cross, Corfe Castle and Norden Park & Ride.

Herston Halt is a request stop.

The station platforms at Herston have been installed to provide for the needs of local residents of Herston and western Swanage. There are several nearby campsites with many footplaths and the halt provides a frequent service to Swanage and Corfe.

Like many halts across the country, trains only stop on request. Travelling passengers should give early notice to the Guard on their train that they wish to alight here and passengers waiting for a train on the platform at Herston Halt should give a clear signal to the driver of an approaching train that they want it to stop to pick them up.

There is a long association between Swanage Railway and the 11th Signal Regiment. The regiment assisted the railway as it rebuilt the tracks and infrastructure to allow trains to once again run to Corfe, as well as maintaining and improving the facilities at Herston Halt and there is a memorial at the halt to acknowledge this assistance and ongoing relationship.