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Swanage Railway Rail Card

The Swanage Railway Rail Card offers a 33% discount on all standard fares on scheduled services operated by the Swanage Raiway Company Ltd.

Special Event (e.g. Galas and Santa Specials) and Dining Trains are excluded.

Cards cost £15 and are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

To apply for the card complete the application form and take it together with your payment  to the Booking Office at Swanage Station. A digital photograph will be taken and printed on the card.

For the Swanage Railway Rail Card Application Form Click here


Terms and Conditions

The Swanage Railway Rail Card and tickets bought with it are not transferable and must not be given, loaned, or resold to anyone else.

The Swanage Railway Rail Card will incorporate your digital image.

You must carry your Swanage Railway Rail Card with you on your journey and when asked by rail staff, you must show a valid ticket and valid Swanage Railway Rail Card. If you fail to do so, you will be required to pay the full price Standard Single fare for your journey as if no ticket had been purchased.
The Swanage Railway Rail Card will not be valid if it is damaged. The Swanage Railway does not undertake to issue refunds on unused/unwanted Railcards, or to extend their validity. In the event of loss or damage an application for the replacement of the Discount Card must be made at Swanage Station.
Only one replacement may be issued in a 12 month period for lost or damaged Swanage Railway Rail Card and a £5 administration fee is payable. No fee will be charged for the replacement of a stolen Swanage Railway Rail Card provided you have a crime reference number/documentation issued by the Police. You will be requested to show some form of identification when obtaining a replacement.
The Swanage Railway Rail Card and all tickets issued at the discounted fare are issued subject to the Swanage Railway Conditions of Carriage and the conditions listed here.
The Swanage Railway Rail Card does not become your property and if requested must be handed in to a representative of the Swamage Railway.
The right is reserved to revise these Conditions. The Swanage Railway will endeavour to give three months’ notice of any changes before they are due to come into effect.

The Swanage Railway Rail Card scheme replaces the existing Local Residents Discount Card scheme.

Local Residents Discount Cards remain valid under the existing terms and conditions until their date of expiry as shown on the card.